Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Ausonie and I have been working on an unit study on quicksand - review coming soon! - and yesterday we made our own quicksand replica our of water, cornstarch and xantham gum.  The recipe only asked for cornstarch, but we didn't have enough so we added the gum, thus inadvertantly making chewing gum instead!  Anyway, initially the material we made had the rigth consistency to simulate quicksand, a non-Newtonian fluid that has properties of both fluids and liquids. 
 Ausonie explored how easy/hard it was to put her hand in and take it out, then fish for various objects put in. For a moment there she wasn't sure she liked the feel of it :) This stuff can not be poured down drains, because it would stop them up when dried, so I sent Ausonie outside to wash her hands with snow; she wasn't too crazy about that one either!

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